Hermitage Restocks Callan Boar AI Stud

29 April 2013, at 3:38pm

IRELAND - On 5 April, Hermitage had a confirmed positive result for Porcine Reproductive Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) in its AI stud in Ireland.

The Stud was immediately closed and isolated; Hermitage continues to supply semen to its customers in Ireland from the two Hermitage studs and selected third-party studs in the UK.

The process of destocking the AI stud, sterilising and resting the premises, is well underway and restocking the stud with PRRS-negative boars will commence at the start of June. These boars are already pre-selected in the Approved Isolation Premises.

All Hermitage GGP farms and Approved Isolation Premises continue to test negative for PRRS and there is no interruption to the international business of Hermitage Genetics.

Further Reading

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