HOLD - New Indication for Panacur AquaSol in Europe

EU - MSD Animal Health announces a new indication for Panacur AquaSol for pigs in Europe; it is now approved to treat whipworm, a major parasite in pigs.
calendar icon 19 April 2013
clock icon 3 minute read

MSD Animal Health has a new claim for PANACUR® AquaSol (fenbendazole 200mg per mL) for the effective treatment of pigs infected with Trichuris suis (T. suis), a whipworm found worldwide, which causes multifocal inflammation in the intestine.

This blood sucking parasite, which lives in the large bowel (caecum and colon), is a thin whip-like parasite that penetrate the mucosa of the gut and suck blood from the pig. Their eggs are very resistant in the environment and can persist even in well managed herds.

Low infestation may remain undetected and clinical signs are rare. In the case of a serious infestation, anaemia and diarrhoea may be noticeable.

Severe infestations in growing pigs may reduce performance by as much as 15 per cent between 30kg and 100kg liveweight. This can equate to a loss of 120g a day or the addition of 16 days to production period to slaughter date.

Ricardo Neto, Technical Manager for MSD Animal Health said that infestation by T. suis in pigs can have a devastating economic impact for swine producers, if not treated quickly and effectively.

He explained: "The enhanced solubility of PANACUR AquaSol means that it stays suspended for 24 hours without re-stirring, making drinking water treatment for T. suis simple and effective. The short duration of treatment and meat withdrawal means that treatments can be successfully implemented in all production systems, including outdoor pig production."

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