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Simplicity the Way Forward

by 5m Editor
21 May 2013, at 9:05am

UK - The first steps have been taken towards simplifying the Red Tractor Pigs standards for both producers and auditors.

This follows the second meeting of the Red Tractor Pigs review group which is tasked with making the standards more efficient and effective while continuing to promote and differentiate its members.

At its meeting, the group completed a line-by-line review of four sections of the current standards.

Chairman Mike Sheldon said: “We have already identified options on how the process by which the standards operate could be simplified for both producers and auditors.

“I am extremely pleased with the progress that has been made so quickly – though there is still much to do.”

Committee member Colin Stone, Business Development Manager for BQP, said: "The standards are extremely important for the industry and we are trying to make them less onerous. We are coming up with ideas to make life easier for producers and vets."

The group was established by the Red Tractor Pig Scheme in March to make recommendations to the Red Tractor Pig Technical Advisory Committee and Board as to how the scheme could be more efficient and effective while continuing to promote and differentiate its members as professional and responsible pig farmers.

The group has been tasked with reviewing:

  • All individual standards, guidance and appendices
  • The concept of core and non-core standards, and recommendations
  • A proportionate, risk-based methodology to assess these differing types of standards
  • Sanctions for non-compliance with the standards
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