State-of-the-art Electronic Feeding System for Sow Management

by 5m Editor
16 May 2013, at 9:52am

RUSSIA - At VIV Russia 2013 Big Dutchman presents its innovative electronic feeding system (ESF) CallMatic pro for pregnant sows in group housing. It ideally combines the advantages of animal-friendly housing and a feeding method ideally adapted to the requirements of each individual sow.

CallMatic pro: electronic feeding system for sows in group housing

For the sows, group management means more freedom to move, better health and robustness. Individual, computer-controlled feeding allows the feed supply to be precisely matched to the condition of the sow. For the farm manager this means healthy sows, performance-oriented feeding and best use of the house surface area. The feeding station can also be used to automatically select sows.

CallMatic pro integrates the BigFarmNet control, a state-of-the-art software solution developed by Big Dutchman. It allows the farm manager to collect data, control and monitor all ESF stations in real time. The software‘s modular design makes it possible to control an unlimited number of feeding stations and to connect additional systems such as heat detection for example, without the need for additional control elements. The house-customised visualisation of all data in the form of graphs and the transmission of live pictures directly from the house are further advantages.

Modern pig equipment

Other pig feeding solutions on display include, among others, the renowned computer-controlled liquid feeding system HydroMix and DryRapid, a versatile dry feed conveying system. Practical and economical housing equipment for modern pig and sow management as well as climate control solutions round-out the picture.

Big Dutchman can be found at Hall 8, stand 34E1/35F1 at VIV Russia 2013.