WPX: Does the Pork Industry Have a Problem?

10 June 2013, at 10:00pm

US - From foodborne pathogens to antimicrobial resistance, food safety is of prime concern in pork production. “Does the pork industry have a problem?“ asked Dr Marcos Rostagno, Purdue University, at World Pork Expo, writes Carla Wright, Editor, ThePigSite.

“Yes, the industry does have a problem, but it’s not what you think. The problem is that there’s lots of misinformation out there and consumer education is needed to counter it,” said Dr. Rostagno.

Dr. Rostagno pointed to studies showing the low risk of salmonella contamination in pork at the farm, with the risk growing greater as it’s transported, in lairage and at harvest and processing.

Although the risk of salmonella is low on the farm, Dr. Rostagno emphasized that food is not risk free, ever. However, with less than two per cent of the U.S. population involved in farming, we have “agricultural illiteracy.”

Dr. Rostagno said that marketing and transparency would go a long way in overcoming the lack of knowledge and wariness on the part of many consumers.