Tianli Expands Black Hog Meat Sales into Guangdong Province

by 5m Editor
2 July 2013, at 8:21am

CHINA - Tianli Agritech, Inc., China's leading producer of breeder hogs, market hogs and black hogs, has announced that its operating subsidiary, Wuhan Fengze Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd., signed a cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Investment Banking International Marketing Group to jointly develop a direct sales program for Tianli's branded black hog meat in Shenzhen and other cities in Guangdong Province.

Under the Program, participating families will pay an upfront fee of approximately RMB1,000 to receive a weekly delivery of 1.5 kilograms (approximately 3.3 lb) of Tianli-Xiduhei™ black hog meat directly from Fengze for a period of thirteen weeks.

Mrs Hanying Li, Chairwoman and CEO of Tianli Agritech commented, "We are very excited to begin selling our branded black hog products in Guangdong Province through this unique direct sales program piloted by SIBIMG. Both SIBIMG and Tianli are confident that we can bring up to 50,000 families into the Program by the end of January 2014, and thereafter grow the Program to potential level of annual sales equivalent to 75,000 black hogs. With food safety a growing concern for middle-class families in China, the sales program allows participating families to access our premium quality black hog meat products directly from us. We expect SIBIMG's strong presence in the Guangdong consumer market and vast expertise in delivering sales and marketing solutions for enterprise customers to help us effectively penetrate the Guangdong market and accelerate our national retail expansion plan in coming months."

Tianli's black hogs and cuts of Tianli-Xiduhei™ black hog meat are products of the Company's "10,000 families and 1,000,000 Black Hogs" program in Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province. By 31 March 2013, the Company had provided funds totaling $12.67 million and completed the construction of 765 black hog farms in Enshi Prefecture. Tianli's black hog products now sell in major cities including Beijing, Wuhan, and Shenzhen.