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ASF in Tambov, Smolensk, Volgograd, Moscow, Tula Regions

5 August 2013, at 12:37pm

RUSSIA - Outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) have been identified in Tambov, Smolensk, Volgograd, Moscow and Tula regions.

In the Tambov region, the disease was found in a pig on at PSH Pavlovka in the Tokarevsky region.

In the Smolensk region ASF was found in domestic pigs through a test on samples taken from dead pigs from smallholdings in the village Bogdanovschina in the Safonsky district;

ASF was also found in wild boars on the hunting farm "SOOOOOO" IVA " which had previously been free of the disease.

In the Yaroslavl region ASF was found in domestic pigs following tests on samples taken from the biodires of pigs that had been dug up after the unauthorised dumping of pig carcases near Bogoslov in the Rostov region.

ASF was also found in wild boar near the village Melenki in the Yaroslavl region.

In the Volgograd region, ASF was found among domestic pigs following tests on samples from dead animals in the Uryupinsky area.

It was also found in wild boar selectd from those shot on the OAO Ozerninskoe hunting ground in the Ruza district of the Moscow region and from a wild boar near the village of Dubky in the Kireyevsky district of the Tula region.

Last week the pharmaceutical company Bayer is reported to have contacted the head of the Russian veterinary agency, Rosselkhoznador, Sergey Dankvert to express concernover the high incidence of ASF in Russia.

The company together with its partner Dupont has offered assistance the with application of modern disinfectants.