40 Years of Osborne’s Stanfield Heat Pads for Pigs

11 September 2013, at 7:26am

US - Celebrating 40 years since their development, Osborne’s Stanfield Heat Pads remain the safest, most reliable and economical heat pads for piglets in livestock production facilities.

Producers all over the world rely on Osborne’s heat pads to create an ideal environment with controllable heat for their newly farrowed piglets.

Stanfield Heat Pads were developed in 1973 as the first underanimal heater for use in intensive pig production facilities.

An Osborne Stanfield Heat Pad provides a heated surface that infant and juvenile animals lie on or against. The pads maintain a consistent temperature approximately 35° F above ambient air temperature.

The Osborne Stanfield® Heat Pad was the first heat pad developed for use in livestock production facilities.

Stanfield Heat Pads are strong enough to withstand tough abuse and their ultra-thin profile keeps sows from pushing against them, while allowing piglets to comfortably lie partially on the pad if their body temperature rises. They are water-resistant and CSA certified safe to operate. Made of flame-retardant, non-porous materials, cleaning is easy and hygiene is assured.

They are available in numerous shapes to fit a variety of farrowing stalls, and come in large sizes to accommodate up to 30 pigs in Nursery buildings.

For more information, or to order, visit or call Osborne Customer Service at 1-800-255-0316 or 1-785-346-2192.