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Maltese Meat Production up in Q2 2013

11 September 2013, at 10:37am

MALTA - In the second quarter of 2013, meat production and the producer value increased by 7.4 and 22.4 per cent respectively when compared to the corresponding quarter of 2012.

Meat production advanced by 7.4 per cent to 2,836 tonnes during the second quarter of 2013. This was brought about by an increase in the production of beef, pigmeat and broilermeat by 11.6, 9.0 and 4.3 per cent respectively.

The increase in beef and pigmeat production resulted from a 7.4 and 4.9 per cent rise in the number of heads slaughtered. Broilermeat production went up by 4.3 per cent as a result of a 13.3 per cent rise in the average carcass weight, although the number of slaughtered broilers declined by 7.9 per cent.

Producer Value

The producer value of animals slaughtered at licensed slaughterhouses in the period under review amounted to €6.5 million, or 22.4 per cent more when compared to the second quarter of 2012. This was mainly brought about by an increase in average prices obtained for slaughtered pigs and broilers in the market.

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