Maximum Profit through Maximum Disease Prevention

17 September 2013, at 8:40am

BELGIUM - Washing and shampooing sows before they enter the farrowing house should be standard procedure on every farm that aims for maximum profit through maximum prevention, say CID Lines.

During the long gestation period sows housed individually or in groups naturally get dirty, especially at the backside, udder and flank area. Within this dirt and the in-the-skin flora, bacteria and viruses like Staphylococcus aureus, S. hyicus, Streptococcus suis, PRRS, coli bacteria, PIA, dysentery etc. can be present in huge numbers.

To protect the newborn piglets and give them a healthy start from day one, they should not be exposed to this high level of infectious pathogens. Washing the sows before they enter the farrowing house is a standard procedure at every sow farm which aims for maximum profit through maximum prevention.

Keno™pro is a skin-protecting sow shampoo that:

  • is easy to apply with a foaming lance
  • conditions the skin and relaxes the sow due to emollient compounds
  • easily removes all dirt from the skin
  • works fast - only three to five minutes is needed for soaking
  • has strong sanitising properties.