Pig Farm Workers to Get S$25 Pay Rise

by 5m Editor
24 September 2013, at 6:36am

SINGAPORE - A deal has been reached to end a pay dispute at a pig farm near Batam which is the sole supplier of live pigs to Singapore.

The Straits Times reports that its 300 workers will be given a 225,000 rupiah (S$25) a month wage increase on top of their minimum pay. Suppliers said this is unlikely to affect prices here.

Duma Sitanggang, who represents the 300 workers at the 1,500ha farm in Pulau Bulan, said: "We don't consider this a win or loss but think it is enough to send a message to employers to remember to consider the welfare of those workers who have served for over a decade and yet are paid pitifully small salary increases."

Ms Sitanggang claims that over the last five years, pay rises have been between just 5,000 and 20,000 rupiah a month. The deal was reached on Friday and led to yesterday's wage talks being called off.