GC1140 Fully Insulated 360-Degree Gravity Inlet

by 5m Editor
11 October 2013, at 8:14am

US - The GC1140 fully insulated inlet from Double L Group Ltd, is a 360-degree airflow gravity ceiling inlet.

Air enters the inlet from the attic and when the inlet is open, air is evenly distributed in all directions into the swine building.

The GC1140 Gravity Inlet gently mixes air without creating a down draft, resulting in even temperatures throughout the room.

The larger bottom lid directs airflow along ceiling instead of falling directly onto the pigs.

From ease of installation to performance, the GC1140 Fully Insulated Gravity Inlet is proving to be an exceptional swine inlet.

Designed for cold climates, the GC1140 has a fully insulated housing that prevents heat loss and has no freeze-up.

With the tightest seal on the market, there is no air leakage when the air inlet is closed and minimal moisture build-up.

The GC1140 Gravity Inlet has no blades to break, fall out, or get stuck open or closed. The removable bottom lid makes inlet easy to clean and install.

The adjustable counterweight allows the GC1140 Inlet to open at different static pressures.

The inlets are BESS Lab Tested for accurate performance.

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