PED Virus Likely to Drive up Pork Prices in Nebraska

US - Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea virus (PEDv) is killing pigs throughout Nebraska, particularly young piglets due to their immature immune systems.
calendar icon 16 December 2013
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The sharp increase in deaths of these pork-producing animals might actually lead to higher costs of pork in the near future as well, reports.

The Nebraska pig virus is causing serious trouble for the US's sixth biggest state of overall pork production. According to the USDA, the PEDv has recently spread to farms in the rural state, slaying young piglets and even older pigs at an alarming rate. In nearby states, already 2,000 deaths and counting in these animals have been attributed to PEDv, and the number continues to rise.

Although it is not fully known how the deadly virus is spreading so fast, its fatal symptoms include extreme vomiting, diarrhea, and eventual dehydration that ultimately leads to death in afflicted pigs. Older pigs can usually live through the harrowing sickness, but over 50 per cent of piglets are killed by the virus. It is believed that poor farming conditions and dirty, enclosed quarters have only let the fall of the swine population sweep on rabidly here in the US.

Officials are now working to deter the Nebraska pig virus by sanitizing livestock transportation vehicles, and also through farmers taking new precautions in keeping their farms clean.

Pork price increases are just one way in which this virus might indirectly detrimentally affect humans, and it's possible the price hikes could happen soon, say experts. Yet seeing these piglets and pigs dying in such numbers to the killer virus is sad enough, it seems.

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