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RUSSIA - The first week of December sees the prices for pork holding steady in Russia as this region heads into the Christmas holidays. In the southern region, price of pork is about 90 rubles per kilo, and in the northern regions, about 75 rubles per kilo. This is equal to a range of $107 to $128 CWT, writes Susan Wulf, Managing Director of Genesus Life Science.
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Of course, this great fluctuation is driven by supply and demand, as the regions in the south are still affected by African Swine Fever. Even though almost every backyard pig and farm without biosecurity protocols has been eliminated, governmental rules prevent the repopulation of the production farms for a year after the depopulation, and then they need to prove biosecurity protocols are in place before they restock their farms. Only the largest producers are currently providing meat to the marketplace; even the transport of pork from other regions within Russia is strictly monitored and regulated – hence the higher price for pork in the areas most affected by ASF.

We are seeing a slow and cautious movement to restocking these farms. Quite a few growers have completely left the farms, but a few devoted producers are looking to restock their farms after the Christmas holidays in January.

We met several of these producers last week at the YugAgro farm show in Krasnodar. This is a yearly trade show, spanning several buildings as well as every available inch of space outside. Even though the weather was cold and rainy, it didn’t stop those involved in agriculture from filling the aisles and booths.

Genesus was the only swine genetic company that was represented at the show; our clients and potential clients were pleased with the growth, health and quality of the meat that they were producing. Genesus was able to show our data in Russia and how we can improve the production numbers over what is currently seen in the region. Cautious plans are being made to repopulate farms of what we consider to be moderate sized (500 females) and we at Genesus are proud to be a local genetic company that can assist them with this. With our Canadian roots and Russian production, Genesus offers the best genetics in the world to our customers in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Speaking of Russian holidays as I did earlier, it is interesting how Russian holidays differ from what we know in North America. First, Christmas is a different date (7 January) and is not celebrated with gifts galore as we do. The gift giving day is New Year’s Day, and depending on your family, can either be “new” New Year’s Day (1 January) or “old” New Year’s Day (14 January). Most, however, celebrate it as the 1st, as almost all of Russia completely shuts down for the holidays from 30 December through 20 January (the day after Holy Water Day – the day that all water is deemed holy in the country). Candies and fruit are the gifts that most children receive on Christmas!

This is a time of extravagant meals, with pork and fowl being the centerpiece of these feasts, family gatherings, drinking and merriment. Great care is taken in the meal preparation and also presentation; to be invited to one of these get-togethers means you are one of the family and honored as such. Only the bare minimum of work is done during these weeks as it is considered sacred family time and is treated by everyone as such.

Merry Christmas and blessed holidays from all of us at Genesus in Russia.

Genesus Global Market Report
Prices for the week of November 25, 2013
CountryDomestic price
(own currency)
US dollars
(Liveweight a lb)
USA (Iowa-Minnesota) 80.34 USD/lb carcass 59.45¢
Canada (Ontario) 155.07 CAD/kg carcass 52.64¢
Mexico (DF) 25.1 MXN/kg liveweight 86.98¢
Brazil (South Region) 3.75 BRL/kg liveweight 71.40¢
Russia 75.5 RUB/kg liveweight $1.03
China 15.62 RMB/kg liveweight $1.16
Spain 1.29 EUR/kg liveweight 79.57¢
Viet Nam 44,000 VND/kg liveweight 94.59¢
South Korea 4,250 KRW/kg liveweight $1.82

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