Genesus Successfully Delivers Imports to China

by 5m Editor
15 January 2014, at 8:16am

CHINA - Genesus has successfully delivered two imports to Fujian Province, China, in the last two months.

The first shipment of a full Charter 747 was to Fujian Yichan Agricultural Development Ltd. The second full 747 charter was to Fujian Huatian Eco-Farming Ltd and Zhengbang Group in Xiangji Province, both farms are located near Nanping City.

All three companies are rapidly growing and have identified the excellence of Genesus high health Purebred Registered Breeding Stock as keys to productivity improvement and market penetration.

Mike Van Schepdael, Vice-President of Genesus said: "Genesus is committed to delivering the very best to our customers.

"Our Genetic Research and Development Programme is creating rapid sustainable improvement.

"As the pressures of swine production economics continue, the necessity for producers to become ever more efficient is leading to global recognition of Genesus performance as an insurance for a profitable enterprise."