Danish Pig Count Rises

18 February 2014, at 1:10am

DENMARK - Pig and sow numbers are higher in the latest count in January 2014 than one year previously.

Results from the 1 January pig count show the total pig population in Denmark to be 1 per cent higher than a year ago, according to BPEX, citing Danmarks Statistik.

The population of slaughter pigs exceeding 50kg remains unchanged, while the stock of suckling pigs with sows and weaned pigs less than 50kg increased by 1.7 per cent and 1.0 per cent, respectively.

As for breeding stock, the number of pregnant sows was 1.4 per cent higher than a year ago, and the number of first time in-pig sows and gilts rose by 3.1 per cent and 10 per cent compared with the previous year, respectively.

The figures indicate some optimism regarding the future production of piglets.