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MEXICO - April farm grain prices forecasted were: a) corn at $3,410 /Ton ($256 USD), b) sorghum $3,160 /Ton ($238 USD) and c) soybean meal $8,500/Ton ($ 640 USD), write Dr Carlos Peralta, President and Dr R. Carlos Rodríguez, Vice President Genesus Mexico.
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2013 Mexican Pig Industry Statistics and 2014 Good News

The life slaughter price for Mexico City metropolitan area is $28.77/Kg ($2.16 USD). Historically during this season (Catholic Holy season) the slaughter price dropped between 20 to 25 per cent compared with December due the consumption reduction.

Due to the PED problems we have been suffered in Mexico and in the USA, the slaughter price has had an important increase related with expectations. December slaughter prices were $25.79/Kg ($1.94 USD), so the industry predicted during this seasons a slaughter price between $21 to $22/Kg ($1.58 to $1.65).

On one hand the total production cost per kilogram is between $18 to $19/Kg ($1.35 to $1.43), so the estimated profits per Kilogram forecasted were $3.00/Kg (22.50¢ USD).

On the other hand, the industry forecasted $25 USD profits per slaughter pig. Today they are making almost $90 USD per slaughter pig.

The Mexican Pig Producers Council (MPPC) started the procedures to certified pig processing plant in the Center of Mexico (Guanajuato, Jalisco and Queretaro States) to be allowed to export pig products.

The total number of farms in Mexico is approximately 5,600 and produced in 2013 a little bit less than 1.3 MMT of pork meat, representing 21.6 per cent of the total meat production in Mexico, cattle represents 30.51 per cent and poultry 47.88 per cent . The Mexican pig industry generated 350 K direct employments and 1.7 M indirect employments. The Mexican National Herd inventory has 15.9 M pigs.

Mexican per capita pig consumption during 2013 was 14.5 Kg. (32 pounds).

Trade Balance:

According with MPPC, Mexico´s 2013 exports was 84,000 MMT pork meat with a total value of $444 M USD, representing 18 per cent above exports for 1012 (71,000 MMT). The principal export market was Japan (83 per cent ), and then Korea and the USA (17 per cent ). Pork meat exported form Sonora State (NW) represented by itself 88 per cent and from Yucatan State (SE) represented by itself 12 per cent of the total Mexican exports.

Mexico´s imported 574,000 MMT (89.5 per cent from USA and 10.1 per cent from Canada) and 423 K MMT are Hams.

The Mexican pork meat trade balance during 2013 was minus 490 K MMT with a ratio of 6.833: 1.000.

USA principal exports markets are mainly Japan, Mexico and China respectively.

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