TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter with Counterweighted Louvres

US - Double L’s New TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter minimises air leakage and seals up tight with no cracks or spaces for air to come through.
calendar icon 23 April 2014
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Double L’s patent pending design has counterweight louver blades made of ¾-inch insulated board encased in fibreglass with an R-value of approximately 6; whereas the standard shutter has no R-value.

The counterweight louvre blades are uniquely designed to open from the top, directing airflow up. When static pressure is created by ventilation fans, Double L’s TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter blades automatically open to exhaust the air. When fans stop, the counterweight closes the louvre blades.

Multiple infrared tests have shown a 20+ degree difference between the TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter and the standard shutter - providing great energy savings, safer environment for animals, and less build-up of moisture in buildings.

IS6 TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter on a 36-inch fan

The TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter design allows for tremendous energy savings and because of its insulation value, it is unique to the livestock industry.

Double L’s TopJet Gravity Insulated Shutter has been BESS Lab tested for accurate performance and is easy to assemble and install. The TopJet Insulated Shutter is currently available in two sizes.

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