Leading Russian Meat Company Chooses Hermitage Genetics

RUSSIA - The Ratimir Meat Company of Vladivostok in Eastern Siberia has selected a major Hermitage Genetics customer in Siberia, Altaymyasoprom as their key partner based on to the exceptional quality of the meat.
calendar icon 27 May 2014
clock icon 3 minute read

Ratimir was founded in 1997 and is now one of the leaders in the Eastern Siberian meat market. This is a very modern enterprise which produces over 300 different products including fresh, smoked and processed meats.

The company market their products under three brands; Ratimir, Dymov and Myasnoy Ryad which are very well known to Russian customers. It also has its own chain of retail stores. The company was first to obtain HACCP and ISO 22000 certification in Eastern Siberia which entitles them to export as they are in full compliance with international Quality Assurance standards.

Their meat plant in Vladivostok can produce up to 50 tonnes of diverse meat products per shift.

Evgeny Korzh, Ratimir’s Business Development Director stated: “We checked the quality of pork produced in Altay, its quality by far exceeds other suppliers. We sent our specialists there; we did trial purchases and tested the fresh and processed products produced from it."

Altay pig complex has become the primary supplier of this meat processing plant.

Sergey Strizheusov, Director of DV-Tranzit Ltd., meat supplier for the Ratimir Company: “There was a lot of research undertaken to select the best genetics for the Altaymyasoprom project. As a result, Altaymyasoprom made a decision to purchase their pigs from Hermitage Genetics. These are exceptional bacon pigs that give very good results at boning”.

The Ratimir Quality Control teams carry out stringent checks on the products supplied to the meat plant and its products in their lab on a daily basis. Meat from Altay has been supplied to Ratimir since December 2012. Now Ratimir uses pork from Altay exclusively to produce its products. This excellent meat derives from the progeny of the Hermitage F1 Parent female crossed with the Maxgro Terminal boar.

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