Antiparasitic Technology Awarded UK Animal Health Patent

23 October 2014, at 7:27am

UK – Exosect Ltd has received notification from the UK Patent Office that it has been granted a patent for its technology for the control of external parasites on a range of surfaces including grains & seeds, insects & animals, buildings and fabrics.

Exosect Ltd, a leading provider of enabling technologies, has received notification from the UK Patent Office that it has been granted a patent for the control of arthropod infestations for animal health using its proprietary technology, Entostat, an electrostatic micro-powder, as a delivery platform for a range of active ingredients.

The present invention from Exosect, a leading provider of enabling technologies, relates to methods of controlling arthropod infestation in both animal environments and on animals as in many cases of insect infestation, it is as important to treat animal housing, bedding, carpet etc. as the animal itself to control outbreaks and prevent their recurrence.

The patent is relevant to livestock and companion animals where in both sectors, existing registered active ingredients are being re-formulated to reduce chemical loading, improve safety and overcome resistance.

Exosect’s CEO, Martin Brown commented: “We have an in-depth knowledge of formulating and targeting the delivery of a wide range of active ingredients using our electrostatic platform technology.

“This knowledge comes from over a decade of research and development more specifically in the agriculture and public health sectors. This patent enables us to work more closely with partners in the animal health sector where there are the same pressures to reduce insecticide usage due to insect resistance and tightening regulation. These are key drivers for new formulation and application – innovations.”