Hypor's Managing Director Says: Expect More

7 November 2014, at 11:19am

THE NETHERLANDS - Supplying top genetics for pork production at the least cost is at the core of our business, according to the Managing Director of Hypor, who adds that his company has more to offer.

Raf Beeren, Managing Director, explained: "Achieving success in pig production today is challenging. Continued global economic strain adds to ongoing pressures that our industry faces. Pork producers need more support than ever before to excel in this environment.

"Genetic progress can significantly help tackle a wide variety of challenges, at Hypor, proficiency extends beyond providing breeding stock. We supply the best genetics for pork production at the least cost and highest quality and offer our customers tailored business support, which helps achieve real genetic progress and increase total system profitability.

"With Hypor’s expertise and resources we guarantee, you can Expect More," Mr Beeren added.