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European Union Takes Steps to Encourage Organic Production

22 December 2014, at 9:01am

EU - The Presidency of the agriculture council is making progress addressing the concerns of member states over the future of organic production in the EU.

At its latest meeting last week, the EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council held a political debate and took note of the document prepared by the Presidency and the large support for the annex providing a political orientation on the proposal on organic farming.

Following the discussions in the Council and its preparatory bodies, the Presidency made progress in addressing the concerns of member states and proposed:

  • a significant reduction of the number and scope of delegated acts
  • maintaining the status quo with regard to mixed farms, i.e. those where organic and non-organic production are practised at the same time)
  • the introduction of the derogations for the use of non-organic seeds, non-organic animals and non-organic juveniles, in line with the existing rules.

The proposal aims to review the existing legislation on organic production and labelling of organic
products and amend the regulation on official controls (which have not yet been adopted) with the objective of removing obstacles to the development of organic production in the EU, guaranteeing
fair competition for farmers and operators and improving consumer confidence in organic products.

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