New Market for Pig Semen Opened Up

11 December 2014, at 11:38am

UK - Following a visit by a group of Latvians to Spain, organised by the Latvian Pig Breeders Association, a commercial organisation has placed a trial order for 100 doses of semen from British genetics company, ACMC.

The delegation toured farms owned by Satt 322, who have 14,000 sows using genetics from ACMC Ltd.

“They were impressed with the productivity levels being achieved on such a large scale and also with the carcase quality of the finished pigs,” commented Matthew Curtis, ACMC managing director.

Two further orders have since been placed. The Vantage Large White and Vantage Ultra semen, despatched from the British company’s high-health stud in East Yorkshire, is being used on the farm’s commercial sows.

Latvia, which joined the EU in 2004, has recently experienced strong economic growth following an IMF/European union 7.5bn Euro loan.