Sardinia Votes to Eradicate African Swine Fever

22 December 2014, at 1:28am

SARDINIA, ITALY - The Regional Council has approved a draft law aimed at eradicating African swine fever.

The Regional Council, chaired by President Gianfranco Ganau, last week approved measures that aim to eradicate African swine fever, according to La Provincia del Sulcis Iglesiente. Sulcis Iglesiente is a region in the south-west of Sardinia.

Emilio Usula (Soberania and Indipendentzia) noted that it has taken nine months for the policy statements to become law and free the region from this epidemic, which has cost more than €600 million over 30 years "but now is the time to move on".

The law was approved unanimously with 44 votes in favour and one abstention.