Hypor Adds Litter Uniformity Trait to Boost Pig Profitability

4 February 2015, at 9:43am

THE NETHERLANDS - Hypor has added a new trait to increase total system profitability: litter uniformity.

Litter uniformity: the idea is that more uniform litters will show less variation in individual birth weights, whereas less uniform litters will show more variation in individual birth weight. It sounds easy right?!

Different Traits Evaluated

Within Hypor’s breeding programme, selection is based on a number of traits, all these traits have to be evaluated in order to have a balanced breeding programme.

The Hypor Selection Indexes are a combination of all different traits evaluated, the genetic values estimated for all these traits are combined in one value, for example ‘litter uniformity’ or ‘reproduction’.

Litter uniformity is relatively new. So Abe Huisman explains in a White Paper where the focus lies.