Pork Profits in 2015

17 March 2015, at 9:49am

US - In recent weeks, live hog prices reached five-year lows, according to Megan Grubner of Harrisvaccines.

Ag economist Chris Hurt says while hog prices have dropped significantly, he is still anticipating some profits in the pork industry in 2015, according to Megan Grubner with 'Pork Profitability' brought to you by Harrisvaccines.

“We thought about $25 per head of profits for this calendar year,” he says. “Now we’ve revised that down to a more modest $8 to $10 per head. I call it a break-even year or a break-even plus year. That’s certainly better than a loss year, but kind of startling that a turnaround in profits could come so quickly.”

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