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Study Evaluates Disinfectant against PED Virus

7 May 2015, at 9:00am

US - A disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide has been tested against the porcine epidemic diarrhoea (PED) virus at Michigan State University, and confirmed to be effective under simulated commercial conditions.

Recently, the National Pork Board published a study on the use of Accel™ (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®; AHP®) in cold temperature environment (-10°F) with both a heavy and light faecal load and at standing times of 40 and 60 minutes, according to Madonna Gemus-Benjamin of the Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences at the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Both concentrations (1:16 and 1:32) of AHP disinfectant in a 10 per cent propylene glycol solution and both contact times tested (40 minutes and 60 minutes) inactivated PEDv in the presence of light and heavy faecal contamination.

When washing, disinfecting, and drying the trailer are not possible; using, at minimum, a 1:32 concentration of AHP disinfectant in a 10 per cent propylene glycol solution with 40 minutes of contact time is an effective alternative to reduce the risk of PEDv transmission between groups.

An earlier controlled study performed by a research team at Iowa State University demonstrated that under simulated field conditions (those normally seen in swine trailers). Accel was able to kill 100 per cent of the PEDv in the presence of both light and high (up to 25 per cent) amounts of faecal matter.

Other benefits include the fact that Accel is hydrogen peroxide-based, therefore, it does not require the use of PPE when being applied and is also environmentally friendly. Accel also acts as a cleaner and does not normally require a pre-cleaning step.

Accel is patented and manufactured by Virox Technologies Inc.