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Pork Purchases Still Down Despite Strong Shoulder Sales

30 June 2015, at 12:00am

UK - In the 12 weeks ended 24 May, pork sales were still down year-on-year.

This was a result of a combination of switching to chicken and lamb, which have been heavily promoted, and lower levels of volume-driving Y for £X promotions this year.

Competition has been particularly fierce with chicken, with the price differential between the two proteins increasing over the year.

Fresh chicken, for the latest period, was approximately 10 per cent cheaper than fresh pork on average.

Pork shoulder joints were the only cut to record an increase in either value or volume sales, up 3 per cent and 8 per cent respectively. This was largely driven by the final 4 weeks, which featured the launch of a major promotional campaign featuring pulled pork.

Chops and steaks declined the most, as in the previous period. Decreased prices did not entice buyers to purchase in bigger volumes and the number of households choosing them was down 10 per cent on the year.

Sausages, bacon and ham sales also under-performed, as in the previous period. The Hard Discounters made some gains with sausages on promotion. More ham was sold on total price reduction than this period last year, rather than multibuy (Y for £X) promotions.

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