World Pork Expo: Update on Global Pork Trade Issues

3 June 2015, at 1:00am

ANALYSIS - World Pork Expo opens its gates on Wednesday to an expected 20,000 attendees during the three day show from more than 20 countries. On the eve of the show, ThePigSite spoke to Dr. Howard Hill, past president of the National pork Producers Council and current chair of the trade committee, about global trade issues that the pork industry is facing.

Dr. Hill offers an explanation of the current status of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Trade Promotion Authority and Country of Origin Labeling.

Dr. Hill also said producers attending the World Pork Expo will have the opportunity to learn more about pork trade issues at the daily education seminars.

"World Pork Expo is a showcase of pork production," said Dr. Hill. "You'll find everything that a producer might use on the farm, from data processing and premier genetics, to new feeders and the latest animal health products."

He said producers attending the show should expect a crash course on what's new in the global swine industry.

The World Pork Expo, hosted by the National Pork Producer's Council, runs through Friday, June 5 and is held in Des Moines at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.