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More Top Scholars for the Pig Industry

28 August 2015, at 12:00am

UK - The pig industry scholarship scheme, run by AHDB Pork and Harper Adams, is as popular as ever with eight firms taking part this year.

The next step is for those eight companies to attend the scholarship fair, in October, where they will, hopefully, find the students they need.

The scheme is now in its third year with first-year students returning to Harper Adams. It is a vital part of AHDB Pork’s plan for training across the industry to ensure there is a skilled and professional workforce.

Skills and training co-ordinator Sam Bowsher said: “This year we have four new companies that have agreed to take part.

“Overall that is slightly fewer than last year but that is good for the industry as there is a constant flow of new firm who are providing opportunities for students. Existing companies are encouraged to dip in and out according to the needs of the business”

The scholarships include a year-long placement and the sponsoring firm may even be able to find a post for the student after they qualify.

The firms taking part include: Provimi; ForFarmers; Rattlerow Farms Ltd; Garth Pig Practice Ltd; CEVA; Devenish Nutrition; Quality Equipment.

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