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Bacon Popularity Drives Continued Domestic Pork Demand

29 October 2015, at 6:00am

US - The director of risk management with [email protected] Marketing Services is crediting the continued strong performance of pork in the domestic market to the growing popularity among consumers of bacon, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Over the last 5 months the wholesale price of chicken in the US dropped by about 30 per cent while the wholesale price of beef has fallen by about 20 per cent but wholesale pork prices have remained relatively stable.

Tyler Fulton, director of risk management with [email protected] Marketing Services, says pork has very effectively grown its domestic market.

Tyler [email protected] Marketing Services:

One of the major factors that's contributed to pork's success over the last six months or so is hw effective bacon has been marketed and has been received by North America's consumers.

In fact bacon prices, or the wholesale product that bacon is derived from, which would be pork bellies, nearly tripled their value since May of this year.

It's really a phenomenal increase over a relatively short period of time and is one of the factors that has kept that wholesale price for all pork relatively stable while the other competing meats have declined.

To date pork has been very effective at growing their domestic market.

I'm not sure I would bet against it right now, even as some of those competing meats are really coming on strong.

I would say, in general, I'm pretty optimistic about the demand scenario and its impact on hog producer profitability in western Canada.

Fulton says, while growth of domestic consumption of pork has been positive, export demand for North American pork, whether it be from the US or Canada, has been a lot flatter.

He observes exchange rates have not favored North American Pork on the export market.

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