Be Considerate of Livestock this Halloween Season

28 October 2015, at 12:00am

UK - With bonfire night and Halloween fast approaching, the Farmers’ Union of Wales is urging people to remember the distress fireworks and sky lanterns can cause to livestock and pets and reminds them of the dangers posed by bonfires.

“We call on people to stick to the firework safety code at all times over the bonfire and Halloween season to minimise the risk to livestock, pets and humans.

“This time of year poses many dangers to animals and children – so don’t let negligence and ignorance be the cause for a real-life horror,” said FUW land use and parliamentary committee chairman Gavin Williams.

“Animals in general are not fond of the noise of fireworks and can become quite anxious during this time of year. Therefore, we urge people to be considerate and not let them off near livestock.

“It is also a good idea to make sure that your pets have been micro-chipped by a vet prior to bonfire night, just in case they go missing.”

The FUW recommends that people visit an organised display but if you are having a display at home please make sure you follow the firework code at all times to minimise the stress for farm animals and children.

“We further urge people not to use sky lanterns, which have by now been banned by 12 councils out of 22 in Wales, as they pose significant dangers to livestock and are, of course, a considerable fire safety risk,” added Gavin Williams.