EU and Spanish Pork Markets

EU - As always happens when autumn arrives in Spain, we have a market imbalance, there is more supply than demand. This occurs as a result of the pigs that have been delayed by the high summer temperatures and pigs growing faster once temperatures go down, all of these have coincided now, writes Mercedes Vega, General Director for Spain, Italy & Portugal.
calendar icon 23 October 2015
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The current price in Mercolleida is 1.10 € / kilo liveweight which has involved falling prices ten weeks in a row (18.1 € cents accumulated over these ten weeks) with a carcass weight increase -over the last eight weeks- of 4.6 kilos, reaching 86.26 kilos weight, representing 108.7 kilos liveweight.

Spain has gone from having the highest price in the EU over the summer to having now the lowest.

We also have an over production in the EU, especially in Spain, where, according to the latest EU report estimates an increase of 8.2% in 2015 compared to 2014 production.

This overproduction is given by a 1.8% increase of pigs in the EU’s total inventory, with sows dropping 0.6%. In the case of Spain the sows inventory has increased by 2.3% (2.4 million sows) with what is expected 6.2% more market hogs versus an increase of 2.71% in the EU.

The cost of production remains stable as a result of steadied prices of grains. The reports are coming with good news for the crops and harvest this season. But this does not mean that pig business is as good as everyone would like as shown in the following graph.

Domestic consumption of fresh pork looks set to rise in Spain, while processed meat drops.
Export to the EU have risen 9.7% and 25.6% to other countries over the last 9 months.

International Spain Food Award

The Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, delivered last October 6, the "Spain Food Awards 2014" to companies and professionals who have won this XXVII edition, giving the International Spain Food Award to INTERPORC, AIC white swine. In recognition of the work of the inter-branch organization in the promotion of Spanish pork abroad and the international expansion of Spanish swine industry.

Every year, during the 1st to 7th October we attended the International Livestock Zafra Fair. This fair as the Iberian breed is concerned is the national fair of reference. At this time, we attended the "IV Technical Conference" organized by Inga Food, attended by representation of all sectors related to the Iberian world.

In Portugal we have a similar situation to that of Spain, in terms of falling prices. In the second half of September the hog price fell € 0.07 / kg carcass, according to the Stock Montijo, while in the first half of October it has done in 0.075, leading to a cumulative 0.155 € / kilo carcass, but in reality the industry is taking away about € 20 cents.

Producers are selling below 1.30 € / kg carcass. Grains, as in Spain are stable, but the producers are with costs above the selling price. Production is stable but it is going down as a result of the livestock sector crisis. Domestic consumption has dropped.

As for Italy, it is noteworthy that both inventory and production are stable. There is a tendency of increase carcass weights, reaching an average of 114 kg. There are also positive signs of ham DOP market recovery (representing 70%) of the production in Italy. They have also resumed importation of piglets, although not very important, is a symptom of the need to push production higher.

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