EU Pig Prices: Steady for the Most Part

28 October 2015, at 12:00am

EU - Taking a look on this week’s EU pig slaughter market, you’ll find what is so well known: weakening quotations in the South and a steady market in the North.

The French market is clouded by controversies related to the quotation. An agreement does not seem to be in sight at short notice. It is reported from various sources that the discounted prices are more or less alike the German and Spanish price levels.

The situation as it is in France currently may go down in the history books as an example for the market laws not being reversible and for prices fixed for political reasons to end in disaster in the majority of cases.

The quantities on offer in central Europe, being almost as vast as this time the year before, still are briskly demanded. From time to time complaints are heard from the meat dealers’ side about bargain offers coming in from Spain.

However, proof was furnished neither in Germany nor in the neighbouring countries last week that they would have had any effect on the pig prices.

Trend for the German market: From today’s point of view, the steady market action must not be expected to change.

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