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Pork Supply Remains Strong Despite Typhoon

4 November 2015, at 12:00am

PHILIPPINES - The Department of Agriculture has assured the public that there will be enough supply of chicken and pork for the holiday season despite typhoon Lando’s onslaught in Central and Northern Luzon.

“Our supplies are sufficient even after Christmas,” Agriculture Secretary J. Proceso Alcala said.

The DA chief added that the government does not see any problem with the prices of chicken and pork.

Typhoon Lando’s damage to the livestock sector is minimal compared to that of Typhoon Glenda’s, Alcala said.

Typhoon Glenda pummeled the country in July last year and caused turbulence in supply and prices of chicken.

According to the Secretary, the DA has also communicated with meat processors and they said that there’s already plenty of ham already prepared to go around.

"This is significant because Filipinos have the habit of preparing early for the holidays since prices of commodities tend to go up during the yuletide season," he added.

“We have the longest Christmas season probably in the world which starts when September begins and lasts even after December ends,” Mr Alcala said.

Earlier, the DA said though final reports have yet to come in from Region 3, the leading source of chicken and pork in the country, there is no need to panic since there are still other sources of the said commodities.

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