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Cramer Livestock and Crop Production Expo Showcases Quality of Saskatchewan Pork

22 February 2016, at 6:00am

CANADA - The Manager of Producer Services with the Saskatchewan Pork Development Board says the Cramer Livestock and Crop Production Expo provides an excellent opportunity for the province's pork producers to showcase the quality of their pork products, writes Bruce Cochrane.

The 6th annual Cramer Livestock and Crop Production Expo in Swift Current was held yesterday.

The event, which includes a trade show, focuses primarily on livestock as well as on field crops and forage crops and features a hog carcass competition as well as competitions for eggs and pie.

Harvey Wagner, the Manager of Producer Services with the Saskatchewan Pork Development Board, says the Cramer Livestock and Crop Production Expo has become one of Saskatchewan's premier agricultural events.

Harvey Wagner-Saskatchewan Pork Development Board:

The credit to this show has to go to Doug Cramer and his team at Cramer Livestock Nutrition.

There was a bit of a void created with the changing demographics of the hog producers in Saskatchewan over the years.

We used to have a very large show that was put on in Saskatoon but, as times changed, it became not particularly relevant.

There's a lot more producers in the southwest part of the province that raise pigs and Doug Cramer decided that there was some need for a show like this and six years ago he made it happen and the show has grown from very small beginnings to one of the primary 1 day shows in Saskatchewan.

It attracts people from Manitoba and also quite a few people from southeast Alberta so we see a good representation of producers there and it's a great show.

Mr Wagner says the hog carcass competition provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the quality of pork produced in Saskatchewan and, because the meat is all donated to charity, it creates a win win situation.

He notes the show has grown quite a bit over the years and this year's trade show featured 85 exhibitors and covered a fairly wide range of the industry, including supplies of genetics, nutrition, animal health, equipment and others.

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