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VIETNAM - Pigs are of great importance in Vietnam because of their contribution to human nutrition, their role in agricultural production systems and their economic function. Vietnam’s pig herd is the largest in South East Asia and currently ranks number 3 in the World, write Paul Anderson, General Manager South East Asia, and Meggie Vo, Sales Representative Vietnam.
calendar icon 1 February 2016
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The pig sector in 2015 has clearly started to change with the reduction in small home backyard production to the large integrated farming businesses that are able to use modern technology and techniques to further increase economic efficiency. Feed prices continue in a slow downward trend, but besides this development and reduced cost of production the pig sector is still faced with many challenges mainly caused by disease and the necessity to use high volumes of antibiotics in the production of pork.

According to survey data of the Central Statistical Office there are about 27.75 million head, up 3.7 per cent, of which 4.06 million sows, up 3.69 per cent over the same period 2014. Production hog slaughter in 2015 was estimated at 3.48 million tons, equaling 104.2 per cent over the same period last year. The hog price ranges from 44,000 to 49,500 VND/kg, with the North of Vietnam usually obtaining the highest price per kg helped by the increasing exports of live pigs to China.

As of 23/12/2015, there were 21 outbreaks of FMD occurred in 09 districts of 06 provinces within 21 days. As of 23/12, there have been no fresh outbreaks of PRRS within the country during the last 21 days.

Commenting on the potential development of the livestock industry, President and CEO of Hung Vuong Joint Stock Company Mr Duong Ngoc Minh said that geographical balance development of the livestock industry in the country could last for 10 years . The proof is that in 2015, foreign private corporations have invested in 10 processing plants for animal feed in Vietnam. Hung Vuong company also invested heavily in livestock and livestock feed. On the 10th May 2015, Hung Vuong has announced plans to heavily invest in pork production and this will be launched with the aim of pork products reaching the market in quarter 3/2016.

Further expansion came within the animal feed market, in May 2015 when the Hoa Phat Group established a Company Limited of Commerce and Production of animal feed with a chartered capital of VND 300 billion. The first factory currently under construction with a capacity of 300,000 tons / year is expected to commence producing feed in quarter 1/2016.

With the "giants" pouring money into agriculture, many experts say, this is good news for millions of farmers in Vietnam. Because, as equity capital "relay" from the big boss, the agricultural products of farmers will increase in value, quality.

Talking about this direction of the enterprise, GS. Dr. Vo Tong Xuan affirmed tech agriculture will help create products more productive, more efficient, cleaner and cheaper, increase the competitiveness of agriculture in Vietnam. The enterprises to invest in agriculture will be motivated agricultural production tied to the consumer.

What will 2016 the year of the Monkey have in store for the pig industry in Vietnam, We are expecting the home backyard production to continue to drop and the large integrators to expand, there is also a lot of growth to come in the contract farming sector backed by the Pig Feed Millers. We are starting off with the potential for good profits, so focus on getting your business in shape, efficient and increasing your output (kgs of pig), all this will reduce your cost of production and maximize your profit potential. Improve your bio-security , health and genetics.

Feed and pig prices are likely to be stable especially with increased trade with China taking live pigs from the North of Vietnam.

We are experiencing a high level of sales enquiries in Vietnam to import Genesus Breeding Pigs, Fresh and Frozen Semen during 2016, we believe this is a sign of the larger pig producers getting serious about updating and improving their Genetics with pigs capable of high performance in hot climates.

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