MSD Animal Health Introduces PORCILIS® PCV ID at 2016 High Quality Pork Congress

17 March 2016, at 12:00am

PORTUGAL - On February 4-5, MSD Animal Health held its 2016 High Quality Pork Congress in Lisbon, Portugal, bringing together swine producers and veterinarians from across Europe to discuss the benefits of needle-free intradermal vaccinations for both pigs and producers.

Attendees were also given an opportunity to learn more about PORCILIS® PCV ID, the company’s new vaccine against porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2), which uses the intradermal, needle-free IDAL® vaccine delivery system.

At the meeting, research was presented on the similarities and differences between intramuscular and intradermal vaccinations.

According to the research, intradermal needle-free vaccinations can benefit both pigs (less stress and pain, improved welfare, less tissue damage, reduced transmission of diseases) and producers (less risk of needle sticks, easier dosing and administration), while providing similar immunogenicity and safety to intramuscular vaccinations.

Veterinarians and technical experts also spoke about the potential for needle-free vaccinations to reduce losses associated with broken needles.

Following the discussion on intradermal vaccinations, MSD Animal Health introduced attendees to PORCILIS PCV ID, which was approved by the European Commission in November 2015.

With the launch of PORCILIS PCV ID, intradermal needle-free protection is now available against PCV2, M. hyo and PRRSv—the three major swine diseases affecting pig operations worldwide—meaning that producers and veterinarians will now have a greater ability to choose whether intradermal or intramuscular vaccinations are right for their pigs.