AASV: Research on Euthanasia Offers Producers Humane Option

4 April 2016, at 12:00am

ANALYSIS - Modern pig production has an inherent need for the euthanasia of piglets for various reasons, and research from the University of Bristol shows a humane option to euthanize that includes no pain to the animal.

Randall Bock, President and CEO of Bock Industries, spoke to 5m's Sarah Mikesell about human euthanasia in piglets.

Through interactions with larger operations, Randall Bock, President and CEO of Bock Industries, said the demands of retailers are pushing greater emphasis on animal welfare, so they created humane tools that are university tested for euthanizing stock on-farm.

"We're very proud of our affiliation with the University of Bristol in the UK and consider them the number one animal welfare research group in the world," he said. "They have done some lab studies and field trials confirming humane the Zephyr-EXL product for euthanasia of piglets up to twenty pounds."

Bock's product line is different because of the non-penetrating captive bolt technique, powered by 120 psi air pressure.

"Because the nervous system of the pig responds in 150 milliseconds, we were able to prove that our products are humane because our products function in 5 milliseconds," he said. "No pain is felt by the animal; this is an irreversible stun."

Bock's Zephyr-EXL is sold around the world and meets the welfare standards set in many countries.

"In the United States, animal welfare is emerging in importance and we want to be right there to help producers," he said. "We really want to be there for the educational piece, that's why it's fundamental for us to back up our work with university research and really present this as a full package for the producers."

The product is designed as a turn key solution to provide reporting up the value chain all the way to the retailers, he said.

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