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French Pork Exports Increase Slightly

by 5m Editor
19 May 2016, at 12:00am

FRANCE - According to the latest figures released via French Customs, pork exports from France increased by 5 per cent to 115.4 thousand tonnes in Q1 2016, when compared with the same period a year earlier.

This growth was driven by an increase in Chinese shipments, which were up four-fold, to 21.8 thousand tonnes.

France, like many other major exporters, has capitalised on the growing Chinese pork demand and increased shipment volumes throughout the first quarter of 2016.

Growth in exports to other Asian countries was also recorded, albeit in smaller actual terms, with the exception of South Korea.

French shipments to fellow EU member states decreased by 10 per cent in Q1 on a year earlier, with decreasing volumes exported to Italy (-29 per cent) and the United Kingdom (-3 per cent) driving this downturn.

Imports recorded a significant decrease in Q1 2016 versus a year earlier. They were down 19 per cent to just over 75,000 tonnes.

Volumes were down from all the main supplying countries, with Spanish shipments reduced by 17 per cent and German ones down by 45 per cent. This may be partly due to increasing pressure from French farmers, encouraging consumers to buy French produce in preference to imports.

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