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Pig & Poultry Fair: New Technology Improving Pig Farm Performance

13 May 2016, at 12:00am

UK - In an already tough climate new cutting edge technology is helping pig farmers improve farm performance whilst also making life a lot easier, writes Lucy Towers, ThePigSite Editor.

Stephen Tuer, an indoor pig producer, explained during the 2016 Pig and Poultry Fair how using a cloud based data recording system has helped him improve the performance of the farm.

Mr Tuer explained how everything on the farm used to be recorded on paper but things get lost, mistakes are made and it can be a long and difficult process finding past files.

Sometimes, the record book could even end up as the sows dinner, Mr Tuer joked.

With a love of technology, Mr Tuer wanted something more up to date - so he found Cloudfarms.

Using technology such as this can leave you exposed, but farms should show their openness to sharing data and should have no reason to want to hide, said Mr Tuer.

All sorts of farm data can be entered quickly and easily straight onto a smart phone. As soon as you have an internet connection all the data is sent straight to the cloud where it is stored.

This then allows you to have access to live up-to-date data when ever you need it from where ever you are.

Mr Tuer also places QR codes above each pen so information for that animal be seen immediately on the phone.

As well as giving you more control over your farm it makes life a lot easier as you can get reliable data when you want it, instead of digging through files. Technology and the younger generation also go hand in hand, explained Mr Tuer. It therefore can help attract more young people to the industry.

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