Zoetis Champions Swine Health in Canada with Pigcare.Ca

2 May 2016, at 6:00am

CANADA - Zoetis is proud to announce the launch of, the new online community for Canadian swine producers, designed to promote animal health and provide resources which respond to the varied needs of a strong community, a vital component of the country’s agricultural landscape.

Engaging with a strong community As a comprehensive online resource centre for swine producers, seeks to provide essential information, tools, and services—updated on an ongoing basis—to serve as a central hub for all users.

"The user experience is at the heart of and the website is designed to keep producers on top of the latest industry news and updates. It’s immediately intuitive and inviting,” explains Walter Heuser, DVM, Swine - Business Unit Director at Zoetis.

“Canadian producers can access an easy-to-navigate site, find valuable resources that will make a
difference in their busy lives, a tangible support in their care of pigs”.

The portal houses a wide range of training tools—such as vaccine care and handling, an anti-infective calculator, ABC pig training brochures, swine health management videos and give access to a wealth of Zoetis services. also aims to foster industry relations with producer testimonials and links to industry associations.

Focus on animal health solutions and the responsible use of antibiotics Zoetis understands that fostering animal health protects and enhances human health. Comprehensive, updated disease
factsheets are an integral part of

“By providing detailed information on swine diseases and appropriate products to prevent and treat them, we believe swine producers coast-to-coast will feel supported and better informed,” said Dr Heuser.

Zoetis also places the responsible use of antibiotics at the core of the initiative. By stewarding the responsible use of antibiotics, Zoetis seeks to increase awareness and support producers, veterinarians, and animal health stakeholders through science, dialogue, education, and action.

In an ever-evolving world, Zoetis remains constant in its commitment to championing animal health and supporting the needs of the people who care for animals. The community is an example of Zoetis’s dedication to deepen its bond with all parties involved in the animal health sector.