CIRCOVAC Prevents PCVD on Your Pig Farm, Reduces Antibiotic Use

22 June 2016, at 6:00am

GLOBAL - Porcine Circovirus Associated Disease (PCVD) is a devastating disease that causes wasting in piglets and can lead to serious production and economic losses for the farmer.

PCVD is a disease present in all swine breeding stocks in the world, meaning farmers must remain vigilant.

PCVD is caused by Porcine Circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) which can just suddenly hit a farm.

This can be devasting for the farmer as it causes respiratory diseases, wasting/poor production through to finishing and mortalities in piglets.

Piglets with PCVD also have pale skin, enlarged lymph nodes and show uneven weight gain.

Often the presence of PCV2 can go unnoticed, so farmers must therefore keep a close eye on their pigs and set performance parameters. Sometimes only skin lesions, pale skin, sneezing and mild diahorrea may be indicators.

Farmers cannot afford to not deal with this disease properly - the good news is there is an easy answer.

Merial's CIRCOVAC successfully vaccinates sows and piglets against the disease, giving better growth performance, lower mortality and improved feed conversion ratio.

As productivity increased so did the profits, said one farmer.

The vaccine also has no bad side effects, such as anaphylactic reactions. "I feel confident using CIRCOVAC. It is a safe and reliable product," said Jesus Borobia, Northern Ireland.

In a world where antimicrobial resistance is a growing concern, the use of vaccines is very important as it helps to cut antibiotic use as well as save the farmers money.

Good vaccination is incrediably important for farmers. Dropping or not 100 per cent effectively delivering your vaccination programme can lead to your pigs picking up a variety of other diseases and, if you add PRRS, the two viruses in combination can lead to horrendous losses.

CIRCOVAC is recommended by many producers around the world. Why not take a look at what these pig professionals have to say: