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Rodenticide Training Still Available

29 June 2016, at 12:00am

UK - Rodenticides carrying new stewardship regime labels are starting to hit the shelves, requiring farmers and growers to provide proof of competence when buying them.

At the very latest, sale of rodenticides with pre-stewardship labels will cease on 30 September 2016, though it is likely that such old stock will sell out before this.

New stewardship rules apply immediately to the use of rodenticides with stewardship labels, under which people are already being asked for ID and proof of competence when buying rodenticides.

To provide such proof, a free, self-study training course on rodent control is now available from AHDB for farmers via an industry online hub, ‘Rodent Control on Farms’.

It’s one of several training routes to help farmers who want to become certified to use professional rodenticide products under new rules.

The hub has been funded by AHDB and developed in partnership with other industry organisations including British Poultry Council, NFU and NFUS.

Gaining the qualification will help farmers and growers make efficient use of rodenticides which in the long term will mean cost savings.

The hub includes a downloadable PDF guide from AHDB to effective and responsible use of rodenticide bait. The guide is another alternative route to build the knowledge required for farmer certification.

For the time being, an alternative to the training is membership of a UK farm assurance scheme which has among its standards a requirement for an audited programme of rodent pest management.

For more information and a list of acceptable farm assurance schemes, visit the hub at

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