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SOUTH EAST ASIA - Paul Anderson, Genesus General Manager South East Asia, provides an overview of the hog markets in a selection of South East Asia countries.
calendar icon 17 June 2016
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Breeding pigs: pig herd size continues to be maintained at a stable level. Estimates of the total number of pigs nationwide rose 3-3.5% in May compared with the same period in 2015.

The health of the Vietnam herd seems to have stabilized during the warmer months and there have been no PRRS (Swine blue ear) reported from any of the provinces.

At the beginning of May 2016, Pig prices in Vietnam have reached their highest level in 19 months aided by the demand from China. Exports of these live pigs through sub-border gates to China have risen significantly recently given the high demand from China, according to the Vietnamese ministry with up to 3,000 live pigs per day are being transferred to China. Many of these pigs are weighing between 120 - 140kgs and the price per kg/liveweight is up to USD 2.4.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade has issued a warning to local traders regarding unofficial exports of these live pigs to China. The ministry said exports of live pigs from Vietnam to China through sub-border gates and paths linking the two countries are likely to face difficulties because China does not include Vietnam on its list of countries and territories from which it allows pig imports
But towards the end of May 2016, China suddenly started strengthening control over quarantine of food items into the country and this has caused prices of live pigs in Vietnam to begin to decline.

However, the pigs slaughtered at the farm remains stable, the farmer is still be profitable.

The use of banned and harmful substances in animal farming in Vietnam can now lead to imprisonment of up to 20 years. The new law comes into effect on 1st July 2016, meanwhile in Ho Chi Minh the government has introduced a pork certification scheme known as “VietGAP” based on the 3F model (Feed-Farm-Fork) to control the quality of inputs and follow the Industry food safety standards.

Contact: Meggie Vo, Sales Representative Vietnam e-mail: [email protected]


Currently the FMD outbreak situation is a lot better there have been no increases in the number of farm reported to be infected with FMD and the farms that have been infected continue to cull their sow herds, this is expected to cause a short term reduction in the sow population of Thailand by between 10 and 30%.

The hot weather is causing a reduction in growth rate which due to the fixed amount of pih housing means that the live weight pig to market continues to be sold at a lower slaughter weight of between 95 and 105 kg live weight when the normal target should normal between 110-120kg. This is causing a loss of income about 1150 baht (USD 32.6) per pig sold.

So the farmer is still enjoying the high pig price currently 77 baht/kg/liveweight (USD 2.18), but please do not forget the pig cycle or imports of pork from overseas that can impact on your profitability, invest in your future to regain the summer loss of income of approximately 1150 baht (USD 32.6) per pig invest in closed housing systems, cooling ventilation and Genesus genetics proven in Asia to have an appetite that keeps the pigs growing.

The Piglet and cull sow price are on the same upward trend and currently we can’t see this changing before at least the end of 2016.

Contact person for Thailand - Dr.Jittra , Email : [email protected], Phone : 081-8124846


Genesus has entered the Malaysian market with the first shipment arriving early May 2016, first customer feedback is how much quicker they have settled in on arrival compared to other genetics. They are eating well and growing fast.

Like other Asian Countries Malayian pig farmers are enjoying a good pig price and a period of profitability.

This period of profitability is much needed due to the Government law enforcing that all pig housing must be operating on the closed housing system by 2018.

Contact: Hon Wai Tang e-mail: [email protected]


The market remains stable with the pig price between 225-275 USD/100 kg liveweight. The current herd size of 550,000 sows is producing a little over 11 million pigs a year. Profit for a 110 kg pigs is close to 1,000 Taiwan dollars (USD31) at the moment. The pig producers are concerned about cheap pork imports from the USA which will have a negative effect on their home market pig price, they worry that all profit for the hard working pig farmers will be gone. Taiwan is an island with hardly any feed raw material produced to rise the pigs.

Contact: Te Chung (TC) Wang, PhD MSc e-mail: [email protected]

The high appetite and calm nature of the Genesus pig is consistently increasing our Asian customers PWSY with lower mortality and reducing the days to market. Customers managers much preferred the Genesus animals – a lot easier to manage and feed. In the hot climate especially this would be a huge advantage.

Reduce the number of lost kilos in the hot months of the year due to restricted appetite use Genesus Genetics the pigs with a proven large appetite.

This period of profitability in your region is the time to get your business in shape, I’m pleased on my travels to see a lot of conversions to closed and ventilation and cooling systems which will have a very positive effect. But don’t forget to invest in suitable genetics that perform in your climate also – Genesus can deliver on this.

If you would like to know more about Genesus please contact myself or one of our Country representatives.

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