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World Pork Expo Expected to Attract Over 20,000

7 June 2016, at 6:00am

US - The General Manager of World Pork Expo expects over 20,000 people from around the world to take part this week in Des Moines, Iowa in one of the largest ever editions of World Pork Expo, writes Bruce Cochrane.

The 2016 edition of World Pork Expo is scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines.

World Pork Expo General Manager Sheila Warrick says this is the world's largest pork specific trade show and it offers networking and educational opportunities as well as opportunities to learn about the newest innovations within the pork industry and activities of the National Pork Producers Council.

Sheila Warrick-World Pork Expo:

A little over 20,000 pork producers and agricultural professionals will actually come throughout the world.

Last year we had attendees from over 48 countries and there are also about 1,100 international guests that participate throughout the tree days.

Doug Frickie, who leads our trade show, he's actually done an excellent job and we are actually probably one of the biggest trade shows that we've ever had.

We're close to 900 exhibits this year. The trade show space has actually expanded.

It's all throughout the Varied Industries Building, in the Agriculture Building on the Iowa State Fairgrounds, around the swine barn and there's an expanded outdoor space that we're very excited about.

We have different folks all throughout the globe exposing our producers to the latest and greatest in the swine industry.

It's very specific. Everything will be pork specific at the trade show that highlights that networking and education and innovation for folks.

Warrick says seminars scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday will cover a wide range of topics pertinent to pork producers ranging from business strategies to production management ideas to updates on programs and industry issues.

Additional information on the show can be accessed through the World Pork Expo web site at, through a cell phone app available through I-Tunes or the Google PlayStore or through Facebook and Twitter.

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