Make Profit a Permanent Feature of Your Pig Farm by Using Automatic Pig Scales

Automatic pig scales can be used to produce amazing results in any given pig farm. Using automatic pig weighing machines is associated with several benefits such as reduced operational costs, better management of pig data and others. You can make profit a permanent feature of your farm by using these pig scales.
calendar icon 7 July 2016
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Advantages of pig scales

There are several advantages that are associated with the use of automatic pig weighing scales. The first one is the reduction in the amount of money that you, as a farmer, spend on running the basic operations on your pig farm. This happens in several ways. First, if you decide to use the traditional method of weighing your animals, you will definitely be required to hire additional labor to help you with the process. However, if you use the option of automatic weighing machines, you stand to benefit from reduced costs since you will not have to hire additional labor to help you weigh your animals.

Apart from reductions in labor costs, using automatic pig scales helps you to increase your cost efficiency in terms of the amount of food that you feed your pigs on. These scales are designed in such a manner that they indicate the amount of food that you need to provide for your animals. This makes the process of feeding your pigs relatively easy. More importantly, it helps you avoid wasting pig feed by providing excess food for your animals.

Automatic pig scales and reduction in barn labor

Ideally, using automatic pig sorters will help you to reduce the amount of labor that you use on your barn. The reality of this can be clear when you consider the amount of resources that you stand to gain when you replace your human laborers with automatic pig weighing scales.

The following is a breakdown of some of the main tasks that are associated with the pig weighing process and how these processes can be carried out in a more effective way when humans are replaced with automatic pig sorters.

1. Estimating the weight of your pigs- Humans are relatively good at estimating the weight of pigs in this case. However, the need for accuracy means that errors in weight estimation may reduce your overall profit margins. Automatic pig weighing scales can help you solve this problem. Not only are they accurate, but they also automatically help you sort your pigs. This means that every pig that does not meet the specific market needs is automatically redirected to the appropriate pen.

2. The time and money spent on employees- If you are using employees to help you sort out your pigs, then you need to invest a considerable amount of time and money in training them and ensuring that they remain highly motivated to give you good results. This problem can be easily dealt with when you use automatic weighing machines.

Important things to remember when weighing your pigs

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when weighing your pigs using automatic pig weighing scales.

• Remember to make the pig weighing exercise a routine. It is advisable that you choose one day of the week when you will be carrying out the exercise. This makes it easy for you to remember that you have to conduct the exercise.

• Make sure that you do not touch your pig when it is already on the weighing scale. This is necessary to ensure that you do not interfere with the reading of the scale by touching the pig.

• Although you should not touch your pig when the animal is on the scale, you still have to be careful enough to prevent your pig from dashing off the scale. Oftentimes, pigs have this tendency of dashing off even when they are standing on the weighing scale. You can prevent this by simply being careful enough during the weighing process.

Reductions in labor costs, efficient use of resources and reductions in the number of mistakes that may occur in the pig weighing process when you use automatic pig scales are necessary for achieving outstanding results. However, making sure that the weighing process is carried out consistently will make outstanding results a permanent feature of your farm.

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