WaveFeeder Trough for Foraging Promotes Typical Drive to Explore During Feeding

GLOBAL - Foraging for feed is a natural behaviour for pigs. With the WaveFeeder, Big Dutchman has developed a trough for foraging that allows pigs to combine their feed intake with their natural drive to explore.
calendar icon 26 October 2016
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The WaveFeeder combines feed intake with the pig’s natural drive to explore

The pig equipment supplier from Vechta will present this innovation for the very first time at EuroTier 2016.

The WaveFeeder consists of a trough pan and a “foraging cushion” in the trough. This cushion can be filled with either air or water. During feeding, the cushion will contain only very little water or air, so that it shows a folding and bulging form. Between these “waves”, the pigs root for their feed, which they can have metered out from the feeder in small portions. For cleaning purposes, the entire cushion can be inflated with air, similar to the inner tubes of bicycles. This causes the cushion to bulge above the trough, making it easy to clean.  

Providing the pigs with feed in such a natural way has many advantages. Distinct feeding and resting phases have a calming effect on the group. The pigs will also spend more time on foraging for feed and eating it. Because they are able to act out their natural drive to explore, the risk of abnormal behaviour is reduced. The result: Both the animals’ well-being and their daily weight gains benefit from this changed eating behaviour.

Ludmila Starostina

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