Genesus Sends Two Planes Full of Pigs to China

23 November 2016, at 6:00am

CHINA - Recently, Genesus completed the successful export of two 747’s of registered purebred breeding stock to COFCO Meats. This is the largest single order to one company ever sent to China.

COFCO Meats is a listed firm belonging to the COFCO Corporation, China’s largest agri-business company.

COFCO Meat is moving the Chinese meat industry to its next phase of expansion and modernisation. COFCO Meats currently has 190,000 sows in production.

The Genesus animals were sent by charter plane, and great efforts were undertaken by Genesus’ experienced export team to select and transport this combined order to China, while providing the best environment for the pigs along the way. The export process from Canada was supervised by CIQ (the Chinese animal health department) and CFIA (their Canadian counterpart), ensuring that only healthy pigs were sent to China.

Genesus has the world’s largest registered purebred herd, and is known for the most prolific genetics in the industry, as well as the leader in meat quality research and implementation. This made Genesus the perfect partner for COFCO, which has one of China’s largest fully integrated systems. Using the newly imported breeding stock is the fastest way to get the latest Genesus genetics into herds and helps our customers get more money into their wallets faster.