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Sushi Itto Shifts to Sow Stall Free Supply Chain

2 November 2016, at 12:00am

MEXICO - As part of its ongoing commitment to improve sustainability in its supply chain, Sushi Itto, the leading Asian cuisine restaurant company in Mexico, has committed, through its supplier Nova Foods, to switching to an exclusively cage-free egg and gestation crate-free pork supply chain.

Nova Foods has announced that it will work together with Humane Society International, one of the largest animal protection organisations in the world, to complete the transition by 2022.

Ernesto Nuñez Hernández, purchasing manager for Sushi Itto, stated: “We’re proud to join the global cage-free egg and gestation crate-free pork movement. Switching to a cage-free supply chain reflects our values as a socially responsible company, and allows us to meet our clients’ demands for more sustainable and higher animal welfare products.

"We source from the highest quality suppliers, and we will work with them to meet our goal. We look forward to working with Humane Society International to continue improving animal welfare in our supply chain.”

Sabina Garcia, corporate policy and project manager for HSI Farm Animals in Mexico, stated: “We congratulate Sushi Itto and Nova Foods for joining the cage-free movement in Mexico and for taking its customer’s concerns about the way animals are treated seriously. Animal welfare has become one of the most important corporate social responsibility issues in Mexico and we look forward to working with other companies on similar policies.”

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